Monday, September 5, 2016

Tulsa Fast Becoming a Real Estate Prime Destination for Homebuyers

The real estate scene in the Tulsa area is more robust than ever. Those looking to buy and sell houses from the area should make the most out of the opportunity to grab the property that they like.

For Good

According to local realtors, they are seeing more positive attitude from those coming into the area to buy properties. Whereas folks used to only come in to buy houses for investment, they are now actually looking for houses that they could stay in for good.

This is definitely great news for the community, particularly coming from a time when residents would also be off selling their houses not too long after they’ve acquired it themselves. Now that Tulsa is becoming more attractive for families and home-seekers, it’s up to the local real estate industry to step up their game and maintain the momentum that they have gained thus far.

Faster Turnover

These observations are not without basis, too. According to statistics as of July 2016, a house now only stays some 38.3 days on the market. This is a much shorter number of days compared to that of the same month from last year.

This improved turnover time from buyer to seller can also be attributed to the fact that homebuyers are more aggressive in going after the properties they like. In fact, real estate inventory in the area has been found to have decreased by as much as 12.43 percent in the last couple of years.

Neighborhood Developments

What could be causing this change in attitude from homebuyers and sellers alike? Local real estate practitioners are pointing to the ongoing development of the Brady District, as well as amenities like A Gathering Place.

With improvements like these happening, there are more reasons for people to become enticed to come over and stay. Whatever the reason may be, there’s no denying that there’s no better time than now to get your own real estate property in Tulsa with the help of a professional real estate agent.


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